Group & Incentive Travel.

Our boutique travel agency transforms the complicated, challenging process of group travel into one that is simple — for you.  Our goal is to meet your requirements, be it for a group trip, a meeting or incentive travel program.  Our team takes a creative approach to each assignment, working through a discovery process that allows us to deliver a tailored solution that meets your group’s unique needs.

For a taste of the world and discover international cuisine.
Discover new tasty cities.
Our culinary tours can take place anywhere in the world. We arrange unique encounters of wine and gourmet food tastings.

Experience a different side of the world.
Can’t decide where to go on vacation?
Whether you are interested in the art world or evolution of modern culture, we can help you create a memorable experience by showcasing world-class sightseeing guided tours.

Experience a life changing adventure.
Have you always wanted to experience a life changing adventure that will ignite your faith, enhance your knowledge and strengthen you spiritually while you enjoy fellowship with like-minded people? These trips represent the best vacations and are designed to fortify the foundations of your faith while you enjoy incorporate teaching seminars, inspirational speakers, and spiritually uplifting recreations to make your experience unforgettable.

Experience a breathtaking adventure.
Discover stunning snow-covered landscapes or mind-blowing sensations? Ski on some of the finest ski domains in the world. Ski Resorts welcome you in exceptional surroundings with amazing snow conditions.
Interested in sports and travel? We specialize in sports tours. Would you like to explore the world while playing your favourite sport? Then, don’t postpone your dream and contact us.

We’ll help you enjoy the water.
Hear the call of the ocean!
Do you prefer an active adventure, racing across waves? Or drifting along the calm surface of blue waters? We can help you design your perfect aqua vacation!

Discover the beauty…
Enjoy botanical and flora-oriented tours worldwide. We are always delighted to put together varied programs that include botany with walking, wildlife, fine cultural sites, gardens, arboretums, including photography as well as trips for groups of friends, a garden trust or horticultural societies with special interests.
For the past few years, we`ve arranged both wild flower and garden tours for private groups. With our experience of where particularly interesting gardens or wild flower areas can be found, and our collection of charming hotels, we are able to propose appealing itineraries.

Discover architectural gems.
Are you ready for a different kind of sightseeing tour? Explore landmark buildings and places through lively and informative city tours.
Our architectural tours highlight the design, history and culture and focus on unusual and outstanding architectural gems of the dynamic metropolises. Our professionally trained guides will share the design context, details, and unusual features that make buildings notable and demonstrate why architecture is such a powerful communications tool for businesses, organizations, and the city.

We’ll help you on the path of self-discovery.
We are dedicated to enrich your life, helping you to see the world with new eyes, and creating images that express your experiences to others.
The Photo Tours by Mavi, are memorable and productive experiences. Our professionally trained tour leaders guide participants to expand their creativity and/or technical skills, increase their confidence and have fun! No matter your skill level, or camera equipment, if you have a passion for photos and travel, we have the perfect photo tour for you.

Experience to refresh your mind and body.
Taking time for yourself is essential. Rebuild your strength, recapture your energy, and reflect on what’s truly important in your life. We’re ready to offer you what your body and spirits need most: relaxation, revitalization and a chance to heal from daily routines. Join our daily or overnight Spa Tours.

Unique walking tours.
Walking can be more exciting than it sounds, especially if you are travelling. As Mavi travel we provide the most unique walking tours, from the dynamic and diverse streets of Kensington to the exotic and colorful ‘Wisteria tunnel’ of Japan. We also provide you with the best tour guides or the group leaders to make sure that you have the best travel experience as possible.

Travel in motion!
Cycling adventure is the best way to explore and get closer to the action. Our cycling tours combine excellent bike trails and picnics with local food and spirit. Can you already feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face?

Travel to make you capture the most unique.
Travel is usually about the eyes and beautiful views or sights, but how about if we add your ears into this experience? Opera sound from the corners of the world. You can combine this elite experience with your trip and connect to the world of music. Mavi Travel would like to take your addiction to the next level by making you witness the most epic scenes of Ballet or Opera at unexpected locations on the planet. Join us, and we guarantee to crack some nuts.